Professional Affiliations
  • College of Alberta Psychologists
  • Psychologists’ Association of Alberta
  • Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists

Verlyne Christensen - Counselling PsychologistI received my Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary and am a registered psychologist (AB/BC). Throughout my 16 years of clinical experience, I have had the opportunity to help various individuals, couples and families live more satisfying lives.

I am especially interested in all kinds of relational work — whether it is a relationship between spouses,  parent and child / adult-child, family members, friends, co-workers. I also address relational dynamics on a bigger scale such as between communities or groups of people who are divided on differing views. My hope when working with individuals or groups, is to foster self-expression while also seeking the perspective of the other. I have found that such an approach can create an environment where individual differences can arise to contribute to a greater whole.

I am passionate about this topic and am currenlty writing about it in my first book.