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Verlyne Christensen - Counselling Psychologist

In my work, I use a creative and mindful approach to assist individuals, couples and families in working through personal obstacles and identifying the factors that often lead to frustration and a feeling of being stuck. My commitment to you as a therapist is to understand you and assist you in developing techniques that will create preferred experiences in your life.

I offer counselling services in a wide range of personal and professional concerns to adults and adolescents.

Bonjour! J’offre également mes services en français. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!

Hi there! Please note I am on a long term research/study leave and will not be accepting new clients. Previous clients can contact me via email for a referral. I look forward to sharing with you what I will be working on over the next couple of years. Thank you and stay tuned!

My Areas of Specialization

Developing a Sense of Self & Personal Growth

  • creating the life you want to live
  • developing a sense of self in your relationships
  • developing the ability to see and challenge oneself
  • making difficult decisions

Couples & Marriage Counselling / Therapy

  • developing effective communication
  • pre-marital counselling
  • the unfolding of trust
  • betrayal and infidelity
  • intimacy
  • sexual desire
  • separation and divorce

Parent & Adult-Child Relationship

  • relational challenges between a parent and an adult-child – Adult to Adult
  • managing expectations
  • communicating with integrity
  • how to approach challenging interactions

Parenting Counselling – Understanding your Parent-Child Dynamic

  • how to address challenging times with your child or adolescent
  • what is healthy and unhealthy behaviour?
  • if, when and how do I intervene or seek help?
  • understanding peer relationship
  • co-parenting after divorce

Faith & Culture Transition

  • the personal impact of leaving a religion or culture you grew up in
  • loss of community and building a new one
  • interaction with family members
  • inter-religious marriages
  • parenting


  • understanding the nature of interacial relationships, both personal and professional
  • the experience of systemic racism
  • facing our biases as human beings
  • Age appropriate discussions with your children
  • advisor on racial equity and anti-racism

Other main areas of my work include:

Counselling approach

I use a creative and mindful approach to assist you in developing preferred experiences and help you open up to the possibilities of change. I integrate a variety of therapeutic approaches including Hakomi, Narrative, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioural therapy, among others, to develop a counselling approach that fits your needs and resonates with you. Bringing awareness to the connection between our body and mind is also an influence I integrate into my work. There are various ways that our body speaks to us and unless we are tuned to its subtle signs we can miss a lot about what is happening with us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through counselling, we can explore the mind body connection and develop tangible exercises that can be practiced to foster that sense of awareness. Such knowledge of oneself can lead to greater heights of personal understanding and growth. My process of counselling is tailored to your own personal needs and experience. Together we can:

  • Build a therapeutic relationship where you feel trust and safe to share your most personal concerns and struggles
  • Address your needs, your story, your truth
  • Facilitate an understanding of your concerns and experience
  • Identify the missing elements and limiting beliefs that often lead to a feeling of being stuck
  • Explore, develop and experience ways and techniques that will expand beliefs, create preferred experiences and open up the possibilities of change
  • Develop practical tools to integrate your work in counselling into your everyday life

Length of Counselling

There are various factors that impact the length of counselling including your motivation to make changes, your readiness to address personal issues and the therapeutic relationship between you and your psychologist. The nature and duration of the problem and the number of people involved also have an impact, although they might not necessarily determine the length of counselling.

If you resonate with the approach we have agreed upon together and are committed to taking the necessary steps, you should notice change throughout our work.

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