Sense of Self & Personal Growth

The process of developing a sense of self (or identity development) is often misunderstood. I have found that when people understand their personal development (or lack of), they are better equipped to creating preferred experiences in their life.

Although the development of our sense of self is continuous throughout our life, it is usually triggered by a particular life event or transition in our life. They can include:

  • reaching a particular age or stage (e.g., preschool age, adolescence, 30s, 60s…)
  • start or break-up of a relationship
  • parenthood or empty-nester
  • loss of a loved one
  • loss of status or property
  • trauma

Throughout our work together, I can support you in —

  • creating the life you envision
  • navigating the new territories and address the anxiety that is inherent to making changes
  • developing a sense of self in your relationships (both personal and professional)
  • facing and making difficult choices

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