Faith & Culture Transition

I am particularly interested in understanding the impact that the culture of a religion can have on individuals. Specifically, I address the cultural elements of a religion (both positive and negative) that impact the way we feel, think, perceive our environment and address our most personal concerns.

Whether you are active in a particular religion, completely out, somewhere in between or simply unsure, together we can address:

  • the cultural elements that can often lead to frustration
  • the impact on your relationships and family life; including parenting
  • feelings of loss, loneliness, frustration or sadness
  • how to deal with shoulds and have-tos
  • how to create space for your truth and experience
  • how to develop your personal and family sense of ethics
  • how to find peace or develop a sense of spirituality despite the frustrations you might be facing
  • inter-religious marriages

My experience working with individuals navigating through religious issues and/or faith transition is that there are often other people involved (spouse, children, siblings, parents, friends) that make the situation complex and challenging to navigate. In our work, I will help you understand the underlying family dynamics that might be creating friction. Sometimes, it is not about the faith transition or religious issues but rather about other underlying couple or family dynamics that needs to be addressed.

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