Who does it affect?

Depression can affect adults, adolescents and children. Children depression can often be overlooked as behaviour issues.

How is depression expressed?

Depression can be expressed in various ways. Some people express it through sadness and hopelessness and others express it through feelings of frustration, anger and even rage.

What are the symptoms?

Depression symptoms can manifest physically and behaviourally. Physical symptoms can include headaches, aches or numbness, gastrointestinal problems, and sensitive immune system. General fatigue, constant lateness, loss of appetite, lack of concentration and procrastination can also be symptoms of depression.

Most people delay seeking help for depression because their situation has been longstanding and often feels unchangeable. It is normal to feel this way and have this all-or-nothing approach when depressed. Seeking help for depression and allowing yourself to discuss your concerns with a trusted professional, even if it is just short-term, can be very beneficial and productive.

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