Anger Management

Anger is a problem that can affect individuals and those close to them.

Anger can either be a primary or secondary emotion. When it is a primary emotion it is usually a genuine burst of emotions that often expresses a breach of personal boundary. The reaction is usually in response to a specific offense. Such anger is infrequent and not necessarily unhealthy.

When anger becomes habitual, frequent and a way of expressing one’s emotions and approach everything in life, it is referred to as a secondary emotion. When anger gets to that point we are responding to the many unaddressed emotions that have built up and are now easily triggered by everything we encounter. Anger basically becomes a default emotion.

These underlying emotions need to be understood and addressed in order to bring about change. In our work we will explore the triggers, both conscious and unconscious, that lead to anger and develop ways to address/channel your emotions and triggers in a way that is positive and healthy.

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