Monthly Archives: January 2016

Dealing with Nightmares

I have found some easy and direct strategies that parents can use to help their child work through recurring nightmares. This short video addresses some simple ways that parents can help their child work through a nightmare. The key is to help your child create a sense of empowerment towards the nightmare and not be overtaken by it. This can usually be done through various methods like the re-telling of the nightmare in a way that the child in a position of empowerment.

Sometimes, there are also everyday issues that the child is dealing with (e.g., conflict at home or school, feeling rushed or overly tired, feeling alone) that needs to also be addressed.

Talking to Kids: Dealing with Aggressive Behaviours

It is not always easy to deal with the strong emotions of a child, especially if they are emotions of anger. In my work with parents, I address specific ways that parents can address such emotions depending on the needs and developmental stage of their child. The way such emotions are manifested and addressed with a preschooler or adolescent can be different. With tailored techniques to put into application, parents feel more equipped and less frustrated.

In this short video, I discuss one technique — the importance of holding the space for your child’s anger. Although this might feel counterintuitive, if done the right way and with the right intention, it can be very productive.

On January 27, 2016 – Let’s Talk Day

Let’s Talk Day for this year is on January 27. This is Bell’s initiative to raise awareness about mental health.

All too often we deal with our life struggles on our own. When clients come to see me, they have usually contemplated a while before reaching out for help. In my work, I have found that even a couple of sessions can go a long way in getting unstuck and providing support, hope and healing.

I support and admire Bell’s initiative to break down the stigma around seeking help as we all need to talk at some point in our life.