Monthly Archives: June 2013

Calgary Floods Counselling

On June 21, 2013 our city was hit by the biggest flood in its history. Some have been affected more than others but the impact of the flood will be imprinted on all of us for many years to come.

I stepped out of my home the next day and was deeply touched by the impact of the flood. I was driving in one of the worst traffic jam I have ever been in on Deerfoot Trail but yet it felt really calm. People were not trying to pass, drive faster, constantly change lanes or getting frustrated behind the wheel. Instead people were looking around and trying to absorb the impact. Drivers were yielding to others and moving along in an orderly manner. It was peace amongst the chaos. For a moment, everyone had put their personal priorities and destinations to the side and surrendered to the greater need of the community. It is great to see how Calgarians have risen to the occasion to support each other.

We truly live in a wonderful city.