Counselling Approach

Length of Counselling

There are various factors that impact the length of counselling including your motivation to make changes, your readiness to address personal issues and the therapeutic relationship between you and your psychologist. The nature and duration of the problem and the number of people involved also have an impact, although they might not necessarily determine the length of counselling.

If you resonate with the approach we have agreed upon together and are committed to taking the necessary steps, you should notice change throughout our work.

I use a creative and mindful approach to assist you in developing preferred experiences and help you open up to the possibilities of change. I integrate a variety of therapeutic approaches including Hakomi, Narrative, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioural therapy, among others, to develop a counselling approach that fits your needs and resonates with you. Bringing awareness to the connection between our body and mind is also an influence I integrate into my work. There are various ways that our body speaks to us and unless we are tuned to its subtle signs we can miss a lot about what is happening with us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through counselling, we can explore the mind body connection and develop tangible exercises that can be practiced to foster that sense of awareness. Such knowledge of oneself can lead to greater heights of personal understanding and growth. My process of counselling is tailored to your own personal needs and experience. Together we can:

  • Build a therapeutic relationship where you feel trust and safe to share your most personal issues
  • Address your needs, your story, your truth
  • Facilitate an understanding of your concerns and experience
  • Identify the missing elements and limiting beliefs that often lead to a feeling of being stuck
  • Explore, develop and experience ways and techniques that will expand beliefs, create preferred experiences and open up the possibilities of change
  • Develop practical tools to integrate your work in counselling into your everyday life

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