Counselling Services & Fees


Professional fees are based on the fee schedule recommended by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.

Payments can be made via credit card or e-transfer.

Insurance Coverage

Psychological services are covered by most Extended Health Care Plans. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about the terms of your policy. Financial assistance may also be available through Employee Assistance Programs.

Please also note that psychological services are considered a Tax-Deductible Medical Expense.

Corporate & Group Services

All services are also available to corporate clients. Please contact me to inquire about corporate fees or to book group presentations geared towards employee self-care.

I work with adults, adolescents and children in an individual, couple and family setting. My areas of specialization are:

Developing a Sense of Self & Personal Growth

  • creating the life you want to live
  • developing a sense of self in your relationships
  • the art of self-confrontation and challenging oneself
  • making difficult choices

Couples & Marriage Counselling / Therapy

  • communication
  • pre-marital counselling
  • trust issues
  • betrayal and infidelity
  • intimacy
  • sexual desire
  • separation and divorce

Parent & Adult-Child Relationship

  • relational challenges between a parent and an adult-child
  • managing expectations
  • creating healthy boundaries
  • understanding manipulating behaviours


  • how to address challenging times with your child or adolescent
  • what is healthy and unhealthy behaviour?
  • if, when and how do I intervene or seek help?
  • understanding peer relationship
  • co-parenting after divorce

Faith Transition

  • the personal impact of leaving a religion or culture you grew up in
  • loss of community and building a new one
  • interaction with family members
  • inter-religious marriages
  • parenting


  • understanding the nature of interacial relationships, both personal and professional
  • the experience of systemic racism
  • facing our biases as human beings
  • advisor on racial equity and anti-racism

Other main areas of my work include:

If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact my office or book your appointment here.